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Auto Stream Program

In an effort to help connect students with careers in the auto sector, the APMA will be working with post-secondary institutions to help connect 225 students, apprentices and recent graduates with jobs and careers in the automotive manufacturing sector.

Participants will gain practical on-the-job experience that will help launch their careers in the automotive sector. Employers will have the opportunity to provide productive dialog between academic institutions and industry. This program will give companies line of sight to new talent that will bring fresh ideas and perspective to the workplace. Businesses will receive $3000.00 per participant, and $5000.00 if participant has a disability.

Information for Co-Op Students, Apprentices, and Recent Graduates

Participants looking for a co-op placement, apprenticeship program or permanent work can see our job posting board below. Once you have found a position you would like to apply for, please send your resume along with the job posting number to


  • Participants must have been hired after April 1st 2019 and before January 21, 2020.
  • Placement term must be a minimum of 10 weeks with a full time schedule
  • Participant must be enrolled in a college/university program, apprenticeship agreement, or be a recent graduate

Click here to download the Participant Application Form.

Current Positions Available

Reference Number Position Company
1 Automotive Technician Alcohol Countermeasure Systems Corp
2 Apprentice Machinist Edge Tool
3 CNC Machinist Edge Tool
4 Apprentice Tool & Die Maker Edge Tool

Information for Employers

Employers who have already hired apprentices and co-op students can still take advantage of the program. Companies looking for a co-op candidate, apprenticeship program participant, or permanent employee can send job posting to and we will post it on the Job Board Below.


  • Minimum 50% of business revenue must be from automotive sector
  • Company provides a structured, purposeful placement for participant
  • Participants are hired after April 1st 2019, and before January 21, 2020
  • Placement is located in Ontario

Click here to download the Employer Application Form.

Please submit applications and any program inquiries to :

Meagan Martin
Senior Advisor, Career Ready Auto Stream Fund
Office (416) 620-4220 Ext 226
Mobile : (647) 544-5619

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: When are funds released?
A: After 10-week placement has been completed and all documentation has been submitted

Q: What documents are needed for funds to be released?
A: Once approved we require you mail both original copies of Student and Employer application to 10 Four Seasons Place, suite 801, Etobicoke ON M9B 6H7

Q: What qualifies as a recent graduate?
A: Within 18 months of graduation

Q: Does participant have to be for automotive department within company?
A: No, participants may work for any department, if the company has 50% of revenue in the automotive sector

Q: Does this grant impact our federal tax break?
A: No, this grant does not impact your current tax break, it is a stackable program

Q: How many participants can each company get?
A: Currently no limit has been set by the province, we are reviewing on a case by case basis.

Q: How long will program run for?
A: Currently scheduled for 1 year but has the option to get renewed on an annual basis for the next 4 years

Q: What is the latest we can start a participant at our business in order to qualify?
A: The last day to start a participant is January 21st 2020, as all internships must be completed by March 31, 2020

Q: Is there a maximum amount of time placement can not exceed?
A: Placement must not exceed four months, however in the event of a year long placement companies are eligible to apply for each four-month term, in order to do this simply complete the “Length of placement” on application

Q: Can returning students/apprentices apply for grant?
A: Yes, as long as they have signed a new employment contract starting after April 1st 2019 they are able to apply. You are also able to apply for a grant when regarding department changes, as the employee would be considered a new employee

Q: Do we have to use your candidate?
A: No, if you need assistance finding qualified candidates please ensure to reach out to APMA. If you already have organized your co-op placements for the year you are able apply for the grant providing your hire meets all the requirements

Q: Who is funding this program
A: This program is being funded by the Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities

Q: How will I know if I am approved for grant?
A: You will receive approval letter within 30 days of sending application

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