Technology is changing the automotive industry and these innovations are changing the way we work.

The APMA’s Digital Learning Program gives workers the training they need to succeed and provides companies with a competitive edge.

The program provides affordable online upskilling and training for employers and workers looking to keep up with technology-driven changes in the auto industry, and for individuals seeking a career in the sector. Our phased rollout of certifications will focus on health and safety, lean manufacturing, manufacturing quality and leadership – stay tuned!

The Digital Learning Program is industry-run and industry-governed. Training programs and certifications are the result of a collaboration of industry leaders, Ontario’s colleges and universities and the Government of Ontario. Our goal is to address the skills and labour shortage while building a talent pipeline for the auto sector.

This initiative has been designed by the APMA to ensure the Canadian automotive industry remains a leader on a global scale, and to keep Ontario well-positioned to manufacture the next generation of vehicles.

Looking for early access? Register today for our January 2022 launch or contact us for more information about how you can get involved.