Industry’s 1st all-Canadian, Zero-Emission Concept Vehicle


Industry’s 1st all-Canadian, Zero-Emission Concept Vehicle

APMA Conference

At the intersection of advanced mobility and climate change lies the challenge of our times. Future generations will ask if we ran faster or stretched out our arms farther. The Arrow will be remembered as the gauntlet we dropped in response to this call to action.

– Flavio Volpe, President, APMA

Project Arrow

The Automotive Parts Manufacturers’
Association (APMA) of Canada
launched the first, original, full-build
zero-emission concept vehicle
named Project Arrow.

An all-Canadian effort, it will be designed, engineered and built by our world-class automotive supply sector and post-secondary institutions. To answer the Prime Minister’s call for a Zero-Emissions future by 2050, this project will bring together the best of the best of Canada’s electric-drive, alternative-fuel, connected and autonomous and light-weight technology companies.

Project Arrow will be rolled out in 4 phases:

Project Arrow

Phase 1

Design Competition
and Selection,
Summer/Fall 2020
Project Arrow

Phase 2

Specifications release
and Supplier RFP, Fall
Project Arrow

Phase 3

Virtual Concept
Unveiling, 2021
North APMA

Phase 4

Concept Car Release
and Tour, 2022

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