Online Advertising: Website, eNews and Canadian Sourcing Guide

The APMA website is an industry hub for programs, services, news and events that reach our members, stakeholders and the public.

For information on specs and rates: Website Media Kit. (add PDF attached)
The weekly eNews has a distribution of over 5,000 contacts and includes industry news, events and opportunities across the global automotive industry.

For information on specs and rates:
eNews Media Kit.

The Canadian Sourcing Guide is an online directory of companies in the automotive parts manufacturing sector in Canada.

For information on specs and rates:
Sourcing Guide Media Kit.

For questions and inquiries, please contact Sarah Cady, Partner Relations Manager, Multiview,

Print Advertising: Lead Reach and Connect Magazine

The APMA Lead Reach and Connect magazine provides the Canadian automotive industry with current information including key automotive intelligence, industry events and insights into world class standards for lean manufacturing, product design, innovation and emerging technologies.

The magazine is published twice a year. It is sent by direct mail to over 4,000 people worldwide and featured at industry events.
For questions and inquiries, please contact Matrix Group Publishing Inc.


Event sponsorship is available for online and in-person opportunities. Online includes webinars, panels, conferences and roundtables. Past events have included the Canada-US Automotive Dinner, our Annual Conference, our annual Golf Tournament and our Board of Directors Dinner.

Please contact Austen Swift, Member Relations Lead, APMA,