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Empire Club – The Evolution of an Economic Engine: Assessing the State of Canadian Advanced Manufacturing

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CanadaTalks SiriusXM: Flavio Volpe joins Matt Gurney

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BNN BLOOMBERG: Biggest losers of tariffs will be U.S. consumers of raw aluminum

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Richmond students in hunt to design first all-Canadian zero-emission concept car

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Reactions continue to trail tariff imposed on Canadian aluminum by the U.S.

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Ottawa plans to retaliate after Trump imposes tariffs on aluminum

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CTV National News: Canada in the crosshairs

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USMCA is in effect, ready or not

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Employers with apprentices and co-op students can take advantage of the Career Ready Fund – Auto Stream

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Mercedes A-Class production heads to Germany, affecting Canadian suppliers

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How the Auto Industry Is Reshaping to Deal with the Implications of the Coronavirus