Ontario’s auto industry looking to add Ferrari to the mix

Brian Lilley, Toronto Sun July 4, 2022 Part of the appeal for Ferrari would be ESG or environmental, social, and corporate governance. Flavio Volpe, president of the APMA, said this change in tactics, along with the new rules of origin for auto parts in the renegotiated NAFTA, are really helping the auto industry in Ontario. […]

Justin Trudeau the Nowhere Man of international stage

Brian Lilley, Toronto Sun October 30, 2021 Flavio Volpe, APMA president, discusses Trudeau’s inability to move the needle on international issues, such as U.S. President Joe Biden’s Buy American plan. “The protentional harm from this action could exceed any Donald Trump threw at us.” Read article here.

LILLEY: Auto industry responds to good moves by Ford government

Brian Lilley, Toronto Sun June 13, 2019 Telling the world that Ontario is open for business, as the signs now say, is an easy thing for politicians to do. Actually delivering is something else. The Ford government has been accused of latching onto a slogan, of sending mixed signals to the business community by threatening […]