Recharging Ontario’s electric vehicle strategy

Toronto Star August 3, 2022 Trade spat with the U.S. over EVs reminds us what’s at stake with Ontario’s auto sector and the importance of this transition. Flavio Volpe, APMA president, says there would be no future if the provision around EV incentives remained in place. Read here.

Behind the rebirth of Ontario’s auto industry

Flavio Volpe, Contributor to the Toronto Star May 2, 2022 Overdue co-operation from federal and provincial governments, in co-ordination with the auto sector, turned around a declared-dead industry. Read article here.

Ottawa and Ontario to invest in electric vehicle battery plant

Rob Ferguson, Toronto Star March 22, 2022 Locating the plant in Ontario raises the odds of building more electric vehicles in the province as car companies speed their transition from internal combustion engines, said Flavio Volpe of the Automotive Parts Manufacturers’ Association. Read article here.