CTV Question Period: The consequences of the protests, blockade

Evan Solomon, CTV News February 13, 2022 What are the long-term implications of blockades like the one on the Ambassador Bridge? Flavio Volpe, president of the Automotive Parts Manufacturers’ Association says he can’t go back to D.C. “with a straight face” after this. Listen here (@29:30) or watch here.

Auto Industry Raise Alarm Bells Over Ambassador Bridge Blockade

CTV Power Play with Evan Solomon February 10, 2022 Flavio Volpe, head of the Automotive Parts Manufacturers’ Association, sits on a roundtable discussing the large impact the blockade is having on the auto industry, including some plant shutdowns. Listen here or watch here. (@29:58)

Cambridge Toyota plant shuts down production amid border blockades

Krista Sharpe, CTV News Kitchener February 10, 2022 “There are about 100,000 people who work in the auto parts sector in Ontario, and about 35,000 that work in vehicle assembly,” said Flavio Volpe from the Automotive Parts Manufacturer Association. Read and watch here.

Ambassador Bridge Protest

CTV News February 10, 2022 President of the Automotive Parts Manufacturers Association discusses how the trucker blockade is causing supply chain issues as trucks diverted to other crossings. Watch here.

Police move in on Alberta protesters, issue warnings in Ottawa

Christy Somos and Michael Lee, CTV News February 9, 2022 Flavio Volpe, the president of the Automotive Parts Manufacturing Association, says the demonstrators’ rights to protest should not supersede others’ rights to make a living. Read article here.

Concerns ahead of Three Amigos

CTV National News November 15, 2021 Flavio Volpe, president of the Automotive Parts Manufacturers’ Association in Canada, discusses the Three Amigos summit & the Buy American plan. “This isn’t an executive order from a crazy president, this is a rational actor using a congressional instrument to put into place something that is immediately injurious.” Watch here.