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Project Arrow, Canada’s home-grown vehicle of the future, is slowly becoming a reality

Brian Makse, Hagerty April 2, 2021 What the Avro Arrow did for Canadians in the 1950s, Canada’s APMA wants to do today with Project Arrow. Given the APMA’s position within the industry, they’ve challenged Canad...

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Saskatoon dreamin’: What does a car truly made for all of Canada’s winters look like?

Doug Firby, Special to The Globe and Mail February 23, 2021 As much as having “world cars” – built on common platforms for markets everywhere – makes economic sense, there is one big drawback: None is designed ...

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Mining for electric cars: how Canada’s auto sector stays in the race

Paul Haavardsrud, Cost of Living on CBC February 7, 2021 A year ago, Canada wasn’t assembling or making any electric cars; a concern for an industry worth $19 billion to our country’s economy. Fast ...

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This Could Be the First All-Canadian EV

Ian Wright, CarBuzz January 18, 2021 The call has gone out at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) this year for suppliers to help build an all Canadian EV. The futuristic car in question is the winning design f...

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Citizenship in a Democracy, Redux.

In early 2020, a pandemic gripped the world. The APMA knew that its Members had the capacity to help out.