In Conversation: Canada’s EV Investment Opportunities

Invest in Canada, CNN December 8, 2021 Canada is leading the charge to an end-to end electric vehicle battery supply chain. Flavio Volpe, President, Automotive Parts Manufacturers’ Association (APMA) of Canada and Nino Di Cara, Founder and President, Electric Autonomy Canada, describe the opportunity. Watch the international campaign here.

Project Arrow: The All-Canadian, Zero-Emissions Electric Vehicle

Invest in Canada, CNN December 3, 2021 Canada is uniquely positioned to lead the way in the future of transportation. Project Arrow, the all-Canadian, zero-emissions EV is the daring proof of that position, at once a template for the EV industry and a bid for global leadership.  Read article here. 

Border closure not expected to affect production, supply chains or dealer stock

Greg Layson, Automotive News Canada March 18, 2020 North American auto production and dealer inventory shouldn’t be affected by the mutually agreed upon decision by Canada and the United States to close its border, say industry stakeholders. However, it might not matter if automakers continue to shutter plants during the pandemic. Ford, Honda and General […]