Why the trucker blockade was a bridge too far for Canada’s economy

Alexander Panetta, CBC News February 15, 2022 Auto-industry lobbyist Flavio Volpe had a unique perch last week into the sensitive political economics at play. “It’s critical that American decision-makers see border blockades as a singular event and not as the dawn of a new era in protest tactics.” Read article here.

Industry impact

Natasha Fatah, CBC News  February 13, 2022 Flavio Volpe of the Automotive Parts Manufacturers’ Association discusses the protests and blockades in Windsor… and efforts bring them to an end. Watch here.

Protests slow Canada’s busiest border crossing to a crawl

CBC News The National February 8, 2022 A second day of protests on the Ambassador Bridge near Windsor, Ont., has slowed traffic to a crawl, Flavio Volpe, president of the APMA, expresses concern about how they will impact the flow of goods. Watch here.

Why one senator just blew up Joe Biden’s presidential plans

Alexander Panetta, CBC News December 20, 2021 Sen. Joe Manchin’s decision not to back the Build Back Better bill affects his party, country, and the planet. It’s no accident a Canadian auto-parts representative, Flavio Volpe, happened to be meeting with Manchin’s staff on Friday, lobbying against the measure. Read article here.