How does the federal government get Canadians to buy only ZEVs by 2035?

Kelly Taylor, Automotive News Canada July 26, 2021 Flavio Volpe, president of the Automotive Parts Manufacturers’ Association (APMA), said “there’s a long shadow between intent and execution,” but the government’s accelerated ZEV timeline was expected. Read article here.

2021 Canadians to Watch: Trail Blazer trains brains

Automotive News Canada July 21, 2021 Lauren Tedesco, Vice President of Learning and Development at the Automotive Parts Manufacturers’ Association, is featured in the fourth annual Canadians to Watch.  See feature below:

Manufacturing workers in Ontario COVID-19 hot spots to get vaccinated

Greg Layson, Automotive News Canada April 7, 2021 Some of Ontario’s auto sector will get a vaccine sooner rather than later, and that pleases Flavio Volpe and the APMA. Ontario will vaccinate workers in “hot spots” — areas most affected by COVID-19. Read the full piece here.

Pandemic rules are choking the industry

Greg Layson, Automotive News Canada March 29, 2021 Ontario, the country’s biggest retail market and home to all auto assembly and the vast majority of suppliers, has been locked down twice and remains under the threat of a third. Flavio Volpe said a widening gap in vaccination rates between Canada and the United States could […]

Canada envisions an EV battery corridor

John Irwin, Automotive News Canada March 29, 2021 Canada seeks to be a one-stop shop for battery manufacturing. Flavio Volpe, president of Canada’s APMA, said the country must overcome a startup hurdle to make it happen: Canada currently lacks capacity to process the raw materials needed for battery production. Reach the full article here.

Meet the student design team behind Project Arrow

John Irwin, Automotive News Canada March 5, 2021 Four Ottawa students were inspired by the nation’s natural beauty and ideals to design what could become the world’s first all-Canadian zero-emission concept vehicle. Kaj Hallgrimsson, Jun-Won Kim, Mina Morcos and Matthew Schuetz of the Carleton School of Industrial Design were announced as the winners of the […]

Canadians should remain on guard when it comes to trade under Biden

John Irwin, Automotive News Canada February 25, 2021 After four years marked by tariff threats, trade fights and vitriolic tweets from Donald Trump, the administration of President Joe Biden is expected to bring more stability to trade relations with the United States. But those in the Canadian auto industry who hope the United States will […]

Parts association asks U.S. president to help Canada secure vaccines

Greg Layson, Automotive News Canada February 12, 2021 The Automotive Parts Manufacturers’ Association (APMA) is so “genuinely worried” by Canada’s slow pace of COVID-19 inoculation it has taken to almost begging the United States for assistance. Flavio Volpe, president of the APMA, is concerned the United States is opening a wide “vaccination gap” that will […]