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The Intelligent Podcast

Welcome to ‘The Intelligent Podcast’, the APMA’s podcast discussing all things intelligent – infrastructure, vehicles, factories, industry. Hosted by the Nick Persichilli (Senior Manager of Stakeholder Relations & Business Development) and Colin Dhillon (Chief Technical Officer), the show features guests and topics relevant to the auto parts manufacturing sector.

Listed below is the current list of episodes.

Cyber Security Part 2

In this unscheduled podcast, we speak with returning guest AJ Khan from Cloud GRC and our new friend from Public Safety Canada, Maciek Hawrylak. Maciek will be traveling to manufacturing facilities (not just auto ones) to offer them free Cyber Secyrity check-ups. This is a great program and we applaud them for taking this initiative. A great discussion followed.


Canada’s and Ontario’s advanced manufacturing ecosystem has been steadily growing in size and relevance. But for this trend to continue, AND to stay Canadian, we need Canadian venture capital. Join our VP of innovation as he talks with LeddarTech’s Claudé Dore, Chief Financial Officer, and Daniel Aitken, Vice President Global Marketing and Communications.

EXCO’s Ante Lausic

EXCO won a PACE award. Why is that important? Because the PACE awards honor innovation and Ontario is a hub of innovation. They shared the award stage with companies that out-spent them in R&D by orders of magnitude, yet still walked away with a win. We need more companies like EXCO and more people like Ante Lausic. Have a listen. He’s a compelling young engineer.

Minister Todd Smith

Ontario Minister Todd Smith joins us in the Boardroom to discuss the Province’s new plan for the Auto Sector: Driving Prosperity. It’s this government’s first offering to our sector and we were happy to have him join us to explain his government’s plan moving forward.

Let’s Start Making Some Noise

Ontario needs to start making noise as a global leader and hub for Connected and Autonomous vehicle technology. If any politicians are reading this, we need your help in telling this story. We have everything we need to not only contribute to this growing sector, but to lead it.

Cyber Security

In this episode, we speak with Sulemaan Ahmed, Principal at Servo Annex and AJ Khan, Founder of Cloud GRC and Cloud Security Guru about the emerging issue of Cyber Security. As Industry 4.0 continues to increase our reliance on all things digital, it also opes us up to increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks. However, this discussion is less about technology and more about human behavior. The good and bad news is that we are as safe as our knowledge and our habits. Both need to be modernized.

Intro to APMA – Discussion with Flavio Volpe

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