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Phantom Intelligence Inc.

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319 Rue Franquet, Les Rivières, Ville de Québec, Communauté-Urbaine-de-Québec, Québec G1P 4R4
319 Rue Franquet Ville de Québec Québec G1P 4R4 CA
(418) 650-6518(418) 650-6518
(418) 650-4607

Collision mitigation sensors based on LIDAR Technology used for advanced braking or automated cruise control.

Our company Phantom Intelligence was founded in 2011. We are committed to enhancing vehicle perception and helping to create safety sollution we can all fully trust. The company designs lidar sensors that are compact, affordable and powerful to mitigate the risk of road accidents.

Phantom Intelligence lidar sensors meet strict automotive standards, enabling 360 degree vigilance. Phantom Intelligence also uses full waveform processing flash lidar to build safety solution that are more sensitive to the environement ensuring our devices are:

  • Reliable in harsh conditions
  • Economical and can be manufactured in high volumes.
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