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APMA Job Board

Launched in March 2013, the APMA Job Board is the central hub of the APMA HR Network. Here, jobs posted on our members’ job boards using the APMA HR Network will automatically be posted on the APMA Job Board as well, providing greater exposure to a larger audience.

For job seekers, this job board is a large collection of current opportunities in the automotive manufacturing sector. With job alerts, job seekers can opt-in to receive an email notification based on a specific category, keyword or location of the job.

APMA HR Network

Working with Prevue HR Systems, the APMA created the APMA HR Network to provide members with easy job posting to multiple job boards, an applicant tracking system, and screening questions to help you find the best candidates for your open positions. As a way of helping you streamline your hiring process to get to candidates first, the system is pre-loaded with common APMA job positions and assessment benchmarks. A custom-branded career page is also included, providing seamless integration with your company’s website.

Read about our success stories with Anchor Danly and Windsor Mold on how we can bring the same success to your company.

The APMA HR Network is only available to APMA members, including exclusive pricing and training sessions.

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