Input on Bottlenecks in Transportation Infrastructure

Transport Canada’s Trade Policy Group is preparing four Regional Transportation Assessments (Atlantic, Quebec, Ontario, West) to help identify existing trade and transportation patterns across Canada, as well as existing and potential infrastructure bottlenecks to trade. The information collected will help inform Government priority-setting for investment and development of infrastructure.

As part of the preliminary research for the Regional Transportation Assessments, the federal government is reaching out to industry stakeholders in each region to learn about specific infrastructure bottlenecks to trade. They are also looking to understand any major trends or industry outlooks that could influence trade bottlenecks in future, including public and private infrastructure investment plans. Key questions for discussion:

  • How do our members use the transportation system presently?
  • Where are the major trade infrastructure bottlenecks to the flow of goods in your region, and what causes them?
  • What proposed or planned investments are you aware of to address these bottlenecks, and who are the leading organizations?
  • What national or regional trends could influence trade growth or decline in the region, with a focus on infrastructure impacts?

Those interested in submitting their feedback should contact Ludovic D’Souza or Elizabeth Drake to arrange a phone call.