APMA Market Intelligence Program (AMIP)

The APMA Market Intelligence Program (AMIP) is aimed at improving the competitiveness of Canadian automotive suppliers by providing a low cost, high benefit, business planning solution. The AMIP initiative is powered by market intelligence databases and software of AutoForecast Solutions LLC.

AutoForecast Solutions LLC is the provider of the AMIP market intelligence solution, combining automotive databases and proven business planning software, designed specifically for automotive suppliers and will improve access to critical market intelligence information and best practice planning tools and processes.

AMIP will help Canadian automotive suppliers improve the productivity of their planning efforts.  The AMIP innovation combines accelerating the planning and information access and analysis process, improving member support services and lowering member costs.  For more information, please contact: Joseph B. McCabe, President & CEO, AutoForecast Solutions LLC   Tel: 610-813-6370

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