Developing training programs takes up time, energy and budget – especially when health and safety requirements are continuously evolving and technology is advancing at rapid rates.

The Digital Learning Program offers industry-recognized courses and certifications for both beginner and advanced learners so you can spend your time on what matters most to your business.
This learning platform is easy to use, cloud-based (log in anywhere, anytime, no downloads required) and is accessible across all devices from a smartphone to tablet to desktop.
The Digital Learning Program is an online training portal that offers courses and certifications through the learner experience platform Percipio by Skillsoft.
Our Program’s engaging design and microlearning model has proven to dramatically increase learner engagement, leading to higher confidence in skills and abilities applied on the job. Paired with our subject expertise, digital training will be highly targeted, accessible and engaging.
When courses and programs are successfully completed, learners will receive a digital badge to recognize and verify certification and skill development. Our platform offers extensive reporting, tracking and monitoring of employee engagement and can be integrated with existing learning platforms.

Getting Started

Our team of experts are here to help set up Digital Learning Program training for your workplace. Whether working with HR, senior leaders or a designated representative from your company, we work together to select a course offering that meets your needs with bundled and custom course packages.

The Digital Learning Program team will guide your company through the process to ensure employee training and development is being tracked and reported for easy integration into your systems.

Why Invest In Training And Development?

The adoption of advanced manufacturing technologies paired with an aging workforce is creating a shortage of skilled and experienced manufacturing workers in Canada. To keep up with technological advancements, workers need to learn new technical, process, and business skills.

Benefits of the APMA’s Digital
Learning Program:

Industry-led and recognized certifications

Affordable with no hidden or upfront costs

Continual course development that meets Ministry of Labour and industry standards

No time wasted researching which training program is right for your business – we’ve built it for you

Platform is designed to make learning easier, more accessible, and more effective – no matter the comfort level you have with technology

Training that can be completed from any device at any time

Progress tracking, performance assessment and course completion can be automatically reported and integrated with your company’s Human Resources Information System