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Canada and Ontario are globally known for the quality of the products we produce and the efficiency with which we produce them. For our industry and our members to thrive in the automotive market of the 21st century, parts manufacturers need to embrace the critical principals of Industry 4.0. Our job at the APMA is to ensure our members have ready access to all the tools that can help them keep their quality up and their unit costs down. APMA Garage members are companies that we’ve identified as offering a unique and important service or product that will help you maintain and/or improve your competitive edge in your manufacturing process.

Cycle Time Management - CTM

The first company to join the APMA Garage was Cycle Time Management (CTM). CTM specialises in lean manufacturing implementation best practices and a Lean Belt certification program. They’ve also been doing this since it was called ‘Just-In-Time’ manufacturing back in the 1980’s. Their services have been honed and modernized for over 30 years and are now offering some of the best Lean training available.

However, more important than the quality of the content is the system of delivery. Historically, staff looking for Lean training were required to take several days off work to attend a seminar or workshops. CTM puts this training (in its entirety) online in an E-learning format to be digested and reviewed at the employees’ own pace. The available material includes videos, audio recordings, and online testing. Ensuring employees understand the principals of Lean Manufacturing is one of the best ways to ensure companies stay competitive. With CTM, upgrading your workforce’s skills has never been easier.

Lean Thinking isn't just for large organizations.

To remain competitive in today’s globalized marketplace, small and medium businesses know they need to be flexible and resilient, aim for better efficiency, and higher quality, in all that they do.

Today’s small and medium businesses can get a competitive advantage in their marketplace by following lean thinking principles. Originating from the Toyota Production System in the 1980s, lean thinking is a management system that focuses on continuous improvement to maximize customer value. It does this through a process of eliminating all activities that do not add value, referred to as waste, from every process within their organization.

CTM believes that small and medium companies need to understand the value of these lean thinking principles and embrace them, as they grow their business to be successful.

Lean is not a delegatable task...

CTM believes that small and medium businesses can learn lean thinking principles by systematic and continuous application of common sense. And that this must be driven from the top down within the company, by starting small, and thinking big.

Before a company can successfully start a Lean implementation, it is critical that the owner of the company  or senior person needs to understand what is required to move forward.

The basic insight of Lean Thinking is that the owner or a senior person in a company needs to:

Understand the value of Lean Thinking to their company

Understand they how to lead their people through the lean transformation

Understand how to move forward with a Lean implementation strategy

Understand the training requirements every person should receive so they can identify wasted time and effort in their own job and to better work together to improve processes by eliminating such waste.

That the company will deliver more value at less expense while developing every employee’s confidence, competence and ability to work with others.

CTM Knowledge Center has developed a Lean Thinking self-directed E Learning course for the owner of a company or senior person to become capable of understanding the above.

The place to start if you want to pursue Lean Thinking in your company, is CTM’s Small Medium Lean Thinking Certification e-learning course for owners and senior managers.

CTM Knowledge Center developed this program after many years of successfully assisting companies implement Lean and is a leader in this field.

Individuals that take this program will have the knowledge to move forward and lead a full Lean implementation in their company. This course and kit also allows the participant the opportunity to print resource material and assembly a Lean manual that will guide them in future.

The Small Medium Business APMA Lean Thinking Video will introduce you to the CTM Lean Thinking self-directed e-learning course, developed for small and medium business owners or senior personal. This video gives you a sampling of the learning platform supporting the course and a sample of chapter 1 for you to test drive and get a feel for the course.

Click on this link to start the video.

Employee Lean Belt Certification

Lean White Belt Certification

The Five Lean Principles, 7 Wastes and Benefits

This course provides students with an initial introduction and history of Lean Manufacturing and creates not only a basic level of Lean Thinking awareness, but an understanding of the benefits that can be achieved by following Lean Thinking concepts and principles.

Please click the following link for an introduction and registration:

Lean Yellow Belt Certification

Application of the Key Lean Tools in Your Operation

The Yellow Belt course provides you with an understanding of the theory and effective application of Lean Thinking concepts, principles, and tools with a focus on identifying and eliminating waste, improving process flow, continuous improvement, and flexibility to achieve optimal performance. Understanding the tools that were developed by Toyota and how and when they need to be applied to achieve a successful Lean implementation is critical.

Please click the following link for an introduction and registration:

Lean Green Belt Certification

Improvement Structure, Implementation Road Map and Project Management Toolset

Teaching employees how to self-learn Lean Thinking to create your Pathway to Excellence.

The objective of the SME Lean Thinking Green Belt is to teach how to successfully implement continuous improvement. Continuous improvement is driven by A3 Reports to ensure that all employees are working in the same direction. Continuous improvement uses A3 Reports to provide the action steps or project management that is required to achieve strategic deployment breakthrough objectives by following PDCA (plan–do–check–act), a four-step method for the Control and Continuous Improvement of processes, products, and services.

A3 Reports are one-page reports used for documenting the necessary information needed for progress reporting and decision-making. They simplify project reporting because they condense the information to a single page to quickly communicate key project information. Upon completion you will be able to participate in applying continuous improvement methodology, having obtained hands-on skills that you can apply immediately and able to participate in continuous improvement A3 Report projects within your work area. You cannot follow Lean Thinking concepts that you do not understand and know. The SME Lean Green Belt e-Learning course provides you with the lean thinking knowledge required to continue Your Pathway to Excellence. This is your third step towards Lean Thinking.

Please click the following link for an introduction and registration: