Dream of autonomous vehicles crashes into reality of driving challenges

Dave Waddell, Windsor Star August 31, 2021 Flavio Volpe, president of the Automotive Parts Manufacturers’ Association, discusses AV tech, the prospects for rollout and what we should all be looking for. “It’s the role of the regulators to dictate safety and boundaries. An innovator obsessed with boundaries never reaches them.”  Read article here.

Avoiding Canada’s EV resource curse

Danielle Myles, FDI Intelligence August 27, 2021 Flavio Volpe, president of the APMA, discusses the auto and battery supply chain now that Ontario has drawn record investment in electric vehicles and wants in on the battery race. He also discusses Project Arrow, the 100%-Canadian concept EV. “We have all the elements in place to lead […]

Feds pump money into Canadian EV solution

Adam Malik, Auto Service World August 19, 2021 The federal government announced $5 million for a project slotted to be a Canadian-made zero emission concept vehicle. Dubbed Project Arrow, it’s being overseen by the Automotive Parts Manufacturers’ Association.  Read article here.

Project Arrow gets $5M of gov funding for zero-emission vehicles

Cate Lawrence, The Next Web News August 12, 2021 Canada grants $5M to create zero-emission autonomous vehicles. Project Arrow is the collective effort of industry partners and University students working together to design, engineer, and build a connected and autonomous zero-emissions vehicle concept car. Read article here.

The Big Story: Project Arrow gets a government boost

Greg Layson, Automotive News Canada August 12, 2021 Both the APMA and the federal government think Project Arrow will lead the transformation of Canada’s automotive sector from traditional gasoline powered vehicle development to the creation of EV vehicles.  Watch here (@3:10).

Project Arrow gets injection of $5-million in federal funding

Dave Waddell, Windsor Star August 12, 2021 “In a nutshell, without (the $5-million in funding) the project doesn’t get completed,” said APMA’s Chief Technical Officer Colin Singh Dhillon. “This really covers from helping designing the vehicle to helping us showcase it.” Read article here.