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Canadian Innovation Day with General Motors Corporation – October 2017

On behalf of the Consulate General of Canada in Detroit and in partnership with the Automotive Parts Manufacturers’ Association (APMA) and Export Development Canada (EDC), you are invited to apply to participate in a Canadian Innovation Day event with General Motors. At General Motors’ request, the event will take place in Waterloo, ON and decision-makers from GM’s Tech Center in Warren, MI will travel to the event along with the folks from GM Canada’s Research and Technical Centres. The companies selected to participate will receive more details at a later date. This event is being targeted for the first week of October. The cost to participate will be in the range of $150 – $200 for companies selected to participate.

The areas of interest are broad:

• Autonomous vehicle technologies including Active Safety
• Connected car technologies
• Lightweighting / Fuel economy / Emissions reduction
• Human – Machine Interface
• Infotainment and interior environment and sound
• Manufacturing improvements to increase productivity and quality
• Cyber security
• Software / Sensors
• Data Analytics

Please refer to the application form which must be completed and returned by July 14 to