Recovery Activation Program

COVID-19 has left many automotive parts manufacturers scrambling to pivot digitally in order to meet the new needs of their customers. Making big changes to how you do business can be daunting at the best of times, but it doesn’t have to be — not when you have the right expertise and support to make […]

Canadian Automotive Cyber Preparedness Report

As the automotive sector continues its transformation into a digital platform, all software and hardware components/assemblies become a potential point of vulnerability. Are you providing the OEMs with cyber-secure products; is your organization cyber ready? KPMG in Canada and the APMA’s Institute for Automotive Cybersecurity (apmaIAC) collaborated to survey the APMA’s membership on their current […]

Auto Technology Partnership Summit & Expo: 2-5 February, 2021

This event will provide an opportunity to ACMA member companies to harness the Indian Automotive opportunity through partnerships/ technology development. For our International Business Visitors, a series of webinars highlighting Investment avenues and opportunities to harness the Indian market are being organized in partnership with ACMA’s counterparts in Japan, Europe and North America. 02 February, […]