Advanced Transportation Manufacturing Summit - Toronto

ATMS - Toronto
February 4-6, 2020

Ontario’s and Canada’s value proposition within the USMCA region and the rest of the world is centered around the quality of the products we produce. Our manufacturing sector is globally known for advanced, lean, green, digital, and secure manufacturing. With the advent of Industry 4.0, Canada’s auto sector is perfectly positioned to take the lead in manufacturing the vehicles of the future in factories of the future.

However, adoption of Industry 4.0 best-practices has not been uniform across the sector. Unless they’re addressed, these gaps will cause our sector to lose its competitive edge. To ensure our continued success, the APMA has partnered with abe to bring our members and our sector this unique business development event.

ATMS brings together aerospace and automotive OEMs, top tier suppliers, component manufacturers, services and solutions providers through a unique B2B forum. The event will feature a deep focus on advanced manufacturing solutions and will begin with a full day of conferences on ‘Industry 4.0: A Roadmap To Adoption‘​. The next couple of days will showcase a dynamic marketplace enabling participants to meet, network and share ideas through pre-arranged face-to-face meetings.

Industry 4.0 – a Road Map to Adoption

The automotive market of the 21st century has proven very difficult to predict. However, some trends are beginning to develop. Modern vehicles no longer contain technology, they themselves are technological platforms – much in the same way that cellular phones became ‘smartphones‘. As a general rule, Original Equipment Manufacturers are going to require their suppliers to:

  • Demonstrate cyber security safeguards to protect intellectual property
  • Provide higher quality and lower prices
  • Shorten turn-around times
  • Collect and process shop floor data

To meet these needs and evolving trends, the auto parts sector must make use of the the Industry 4.0 tools available to them. abe and the APMA understand that this endeavor can seem daunting, especially to small-medium sized companies – but it doesn’t have to be. Adoption of Industry 4.0 best practices is more of a journey than a final destination.

Click here for the current agenda.

How to Register

ATMS – Toronto is designed for both suppliers and manufacturers in the auto sector to come together and find synergies among themselves. The registration process is simple:

  1. Complete your online registration and company profile by clicking here.
  2. Select desired conferences and workshops you wish to attend; review profiles of all other attending companies and submit meeting requests
  3. When you receive meeting requests from other companies, you have the choice to accept or decline them
  4. Receive your personalised meetings schedule


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