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In an effort to help connect students with careers in the auto sector, the APMA will be working with post-secondary institutions to help connect 225 students, apprentices and recent graduates with jobs and careers in the automotive sector.

Participants will gain practical on-the-job experience that will help launch their careers in the automotive sector. Employers will have the opportunity to provide productive dialog between academic institutions and industry. This program will give companies line of sight to new talent that will bring fresh ideas and perspective to the workplace. Businesses will receive $3000.00 per participant, and $5000.00 if participant has a disability.

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Please submit applications and any program inquiries to :

Meagan Martin
Senior Advisor, Career Ready Auto Stream Fund
Office (416) 620-4220 Ext 226
Mobile : (647) 544-5619

The SME Committee is comprised of the most senior executive of APMA/CAMM Member, small and medium sized automotive suppliers, classified as having 500 employees or less.  Members participate in quarterly meetings to identify and address strategic issues, share best practices, recommend solutions and promote Canadian SMEs interests / capabilities.

Committee Goals and Desired Outcomes

  • Be the SME ‘voice’ on issues / policy discussions / essentials for success in the industry
  • Recommend potential solutions / direction
  • Document items that may be presented to desired influencers and decision makers (Board, government, other partners, etc.)
  • Provide a regular forum to come together, discuss alignment initiatives, combine collective opinion and stay abreast of issues / developments

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The APMA Market Intelligence Program (AMIP) is aimed at improving the competitiveness of Canadian automotive suppliers by providing a low cost, high benefit, business planning solution. The AMIP initiative is powered by market intelligence databases and software of AutoForecast Solutions LLC.

AutoForecast Solutions LLC is the provider of the AMIP market intelligence solution, combining automotive databases and proven business planning software, designed specifically for automotive suppliers and will improve access to critical market intelligence information and best practice planning tools and processes.

AMIP will help Canadian automotive suppliers improve the productivity of their planning efforts.  The AMIP innovation combines accelerating the planning and information access and analysis process, improving member support services and lowering member costs.  For more information, please contact: Joseph B. McCabe, President & CEO, AutoForecast Solutions LLC  Tel: 610-813-6370 or Email:


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