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The Automotive Parts Manufacturers Association (APMA) has been the industry group representing the interests of auto parts manufacturers (Original Equipment only) in Canada since 1952. In that time, the association has stewarded the industry through the post-war boom, the energy crisis of the 1970s, several recessions, TPP, CPTPP, and most recently, NAFTA 1.0 and 2.0.

Since its inception, the APMA’s mandate has been to cultivate and promote a vibrant and globally competitive Canadian automotive supply chain.

Our association is funded primarily by our membership dues. Within our ranks, we have both Regular and Associate members. Regular Members are companies that contribute directly to the automotive parts supply chain (metal stampers, mold fabricators, component assemblers, etc.). In recent years, the APMA’s Regular Member pool has expanded to include new-tech companies working in artificial intelligence, autonomous vehicle connectivity, and public infrastructure design. Associate Members are companies and organizations that wish to offer services to our regular members such as: lawyers, accountants, various consulting firms, and academic institutions.

Three Pillars of the APMA

The APMA caries out its mandate in three primary ways:

The APMA has always been a highly vocal advocate for the Canadian auto industry, especially in recent years regarding Bill 148, NAFTA 2.0, TPP and CPTPP. This increase in our public profile is due in large part to the efforts of our President, Flavio Volpe. Flavio speaks regularly on behalf of industry interests, opportunities and challenges in Canada and abroad and is a sought-after voice by leading global publications including The Economist, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, BBC, Globe and Mail and CGTN. Flavio was recognized as Industry Leader of the Year by Automotive News Canada for 2017.

Our members know we have frequent conversations with stakeholders (in government, media, and business) and stakeholders know we are the voice of our industry. In fact, on February 27, 2017, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau along with Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland had a meeting in our offices with the heads of Magna International, Martinrea International, The Woodbridge Group, and ABC Group to discuss the interests and needs of the Canadian auto sector in preparation for the upcoming NAFTA negotiations.

For a wrap-up of our advocacy work and commentary on NAFTA, click here.

The APMA is well known in the industry for its well-attended networking events. For example, several hundred auto executives from Canada, the US, and abroad converge annually at our Windsor Conference in June to discuss the issues facing our sector, to share ideas, and to connect with other business leaders. We also co-sponsor and assist other organizations with their events as well. Recent examples include The Waterloo AutoTech Symposium (2016 and 2017), the Automotive News Canada Congress (2016, 2017, 2018), The India Auto Expo (February, 2018), and the Automotive News PACE Awards (2018 – Flavio co-hosted this event).

Given the composition of our membership, governments and organizations often use us as a conduit for disseminating relevant information to the industry and vice versa. Our expansive connections to both domestic and foreign business leaders give the APMA the ability to actively look for business opportunities for its members.

One of the most demonstrative examples of APMA expanding business opportunities is the Autonomous Vehicle Innovation Network (AVIN). The APMA saw a need for our domestic parts suppliers to have a place to test and develop C/AV technology. So, with our partners in government and the private sector, we worked with the Town of Stratford, ON to provide companies with a town-sized proving ground.


APMA’s membership categories are as follows:

This membership option is for companies that manufacture in Canada vehicles or parts, modules, systems, components, materials, tools, equipment and supplies; and the provision of services used in the automotive, truck and off-highway products industry.

Regular member fees are based on the total dollar volume of sales (from all Canadian operations) of automotive parts, systems, components, materials, tools, equipment and supplies to and the provision of services used in the automotive industry in the calendar year.

Please call Nick Persichilli at (416) 620-4220 X 224 to order a detailed membership information package.

For companies that are not automotive parts manufacturers or suppliers, but are interested in the automotive industry and have sufficient interest in the work being performed by APMA and/or CAMM.

On a calendar year basis, the fee for each Associate Member is as follows:

Annual Sales to the Automotive Industry of under $500,000
Annual Fee: $2,200.00 + $286.00 HST = $2,486.00.

Annual Sales to the Automotive Industry of $500,000 or more
Annual Fee: $3,700 + $481.00 HST = $4,181.00.

Application Form

For non-profit organizations with a strong interest in the automotive industry. On a calendar year basis, the fee for each Non-Profit Associate Member is as follows:

Annual Fee: $1,400.00 + $182.00 HST = $1,582.00

Application Form

For non-profit organizations that are academic institutions or research. On a calendar year basis, the fee for each Non-Profit Education Institution Associate Member is as follows:

Annual Fee: $985.00 + $182.00 HST = $1,582.00

Application Form

  Please Note:

  1. The Annual Membership Fee must accompany all applications for membership
  2. Applicants for membership to APMA and/or CAMM must be approved by the respective association’s Board of Directors
  3. APMA’s Board of Directors reserve the right to deny application acceptance to APMA
  4. The first year of membership is valid for 12 months regardless of when you join. The second year will be prorated to cover any remaining months of the year. The third and all subsequent years of membership will run from January to December.
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