Cybersecurity in the Automotive & Manufacturing Sectors is becoming increasingly critical as our industry digitizes manufacturing.  The industrial ecosystem is becoming more connected to the internet and other technical systems and industries. The electronics in modern vehicles are built from components supplied by multitudes of vendors from numerous suppliers who have few to no common cybersecurity standards to adhere to, and few privacy or security provisions in their manufacturing facilities. This makes the current supply chain for vehicles extremely porous in respect to cybersecurity. Every vendor and all electronic components are a potential point of vulnerability.

Using the combined knowledge and expertise of the APMA’s Cybersecurity Committee (CSC), we have developed the CyberKit 1.0 to provide all manufacturing organizations with a holistic roadmap to implement or review cybersecurity in its working environment. CyberKit 1.0 provides a structured approach to develop a comprehensive Cyber Governance Program in your business starting with defining the ownership of Cybersecurity in your organization. It moves on to define Threat & Risk Assessment methodology and the Cyber Governance Frameworks, such as the upcoming ISO 21434 & NIST CSF, that can be implemented to assess risk and secure an organization against cyber risk.

The APMA CyberKit 1.0 also discusses other critical cyber domains such as Cybersecurity Education & Awareness, Cybersecurity Insurance & Risk Mitigation Techniques and an overview of Supply Chain Cyber Assessments to ensure that an organization’s suppliers are also compliant with any applicable Cyber requirements.

By assessing your company/organisation against the CyberKit 1.0, you can become aware of the gaps that prevail in your cyber posture and can implement relevant controls to mitigate against the risk from the gaps identified.

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