APMA Annual Conference 2020

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When the Global Financial Crisis nearly brought our sector to its knees, the APMA and its members didn’t hide in a bunker and wait for good news. Instead, we embarked on a bold plan to build a world-leading auto-tech ecosystem.

When COVID19 brought the world economy to a dead stop, once again the APMA did not seek shelter from the storm. This time we met the pandemic head-on, established new MedTech partnerships and led the “largest-ever peacetime mobilization of Canada’s industrial capacity” to produce life-saving PPE and ventilators.

And now, with the future of our environment hanging in the balance, we are boldly answering Prime Minister Trudeau’s call for a Zero-Emissions future by 2050 with Project Arrow – Canada’s first, original, full-build, zero-emission technology concept vehicle.

The APMA welcomes you to join us from November 18-20 at our first Annual Virtual Conference, where we will discuss all these issues and more. Let’s join together in Canada’s Automotive Renaissance.

For questions about registration and sponsorship opportunities, contact gtedesco@apma.ca

Peter Hall, Vice President, and Chief Economist, BDC, covers CUSMA, COVID-19, the US elections, and more in this economic outlook update hosted by Michael Hainsworth.

As President and CEO of AutoForecast Solutions LLC (AFS), Joe leverages his decades of industry experience and knowledge to provide production forecasting and advisory services to the global automotive community. Joe manages the automotive turnkey operations at AFS including the global light vehicle, powertrain, drivetrain, and alternative propulsion forecast as well as a suite of AFS proprietary opportunity and sales planning software. AFS supports all tiered suppliers, VMs, government agencies, financial institutions, and the academic community with data, planning solutions, and a personalized support to help identify new business opportunities while mitigating risk. Joe’s 25+ year career in automotive forecasting ranges from his tenure at AutoFacts, PwC, AutomotiveCompass, and now AutoForecast Solutions. Joe earned his Bachelor’s of Chemical Engineering at Villanova University and an MBA at Pennsylvania State University.

Michael Robinet is a senior leader and Executive Director within the IHS Markit Automotive Advisory Practice based in Detroit.  From November 2011, Michael functioned as a Managing Director leading successful engagements with the North American Advisory Group.  Until late 2011, Michael served as the Director of Global Vehicle Forecasts for IHS Automotive from 1996 – Growing this to be the most influential industry forecast – globally.

Core competencies include supplier strategy formulation/business planning/transition and advisement, global vehicle production and capacity forecasting; future product program intelligence; platform consolidation and globalization trends, trade flow/sourcing strategies and OEM footprint trends. 

GM will be reopening its Oshawa plant, FCA has chosen to invest in its Windsor plant, and Ford is going to build EVs in Oakville. Ontario’s automotive renaissance is going to drive its economic recovery. Michael Hainsworth hosts this fireside chat with the Hon. Victor Fedeli, Minister of Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade, and Flavio Volpe, President, APMA, to unpack recent developments and the road ahead for Ontario’s auto sector.

Stephen K. Carlisle was appointed Executive Vice President and President, North America, effective September 2020. With Carlisle’s appointment, GM has one sales, service, and marketing leader across its full portfolio of automotive and connected services brands in North America, including Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, Cadillac, OnStar, ACDelco, and GM Genuine Parts.

Before this role, Carlisle served as Senior Vice President and President, Cadillac, a position he held since April 2018.

Born and raised in Woodstock, Ontario, Carlisle began his GM career in 1982 as an industrial engineering co-op student at the Oshawa Truck Assembly Plant.

With V2X, IoT, IIoT, and CAVs, there are more interconnected elements of the vehicle and its manufacturing process ever before, but how much attention have you paid to automotive cybersecurity? Moderated by apmaIAC Cyber Woman of the Year, Dr. Ikjot Saini, this panel provides a high-level breakdown of the results of the 2020 joint apmaIAC x KPMG Cybersecurity Survey. Explore how the auto industry can strengthen its cyber preparedness.

Presented by ESCRYPT.

Working from home is a little tricky if you work in a manufacturing facility, but the adoption of eXtended Reality Technologies (AR/MR/VR) is allowing some operations greater flexibility. Moderated by Colin Dhillon, CTO, APMA, this panel explores value-add applications of XR within Magna International and breaks down how the technology will continue to innovate manufacturing processes in the near-term. The session includes speakers from Magna International, Microsoft Canada, and Virtualware.

Canada is at a critical junction – both with regards to our decisions on climate change and the rapid development of New Mobility technologies that will define the future of automotive. This panel takes a deep dive into better understanding Canada’s strengths in Automotive and the ZEV environment, considers why automobile consumers and energy policy must be placed front and centre in this discussion, and how all of these aspects interact together.

The all-electric Porsche Taycan has taken the world by storm in its inaugural year. Like its vehicles, the German automobile manufacturer is consistently ahead of the pack – in terms of quality, performance, and forward-thinking manufacturing processes. How did Porsche pull-off such a successful electric debut? What lessons can the auto world take away? Hear directly from Bernd Würsching , the mind behind the production of the new Taycan and Director of Future Factory Planning at Porsche’s legendary Zuffenhausen plant.

At the intersection of automotive and technology are industry leaders who are focused on the future. While their paths into the auto sector are diverse, they have one common thread – a commitment to advancing Zero Emission Vehicles and automotive technology. This panel will explore the impact of nanotechnology, artificial intelligence, powertrain technologies, and the transformation of quality control.

Québec features a combination of advantages for electric vehicle and battery development that cannot be matched by any other region in the world. This panel breaks down Invest Québec’s strategy for building an electrification industry focused on lithium batteries that could supply North American EVs for generations. Warren Ali, Sr. VP of Innovation, APMA, moderates the discussion.

With historic investment announcements in North American EVs, the automotive industry is facing its most significant disruption in recent memory, bringing fresh challenges and ripe opportunities to a 100+-year Canadian manufacturing legacy. Warren Ali, APMA’s Senior VP of Innovation, sits down with Klaus Drobnak, VP of Magna Steyr Asia to discuss the Challenges and Opportunities for Integrating the EV Supply Chain. What can be learned from Magna Steyr’s path to complete vehicle competence and electric vehicle manufacturing?

While COVID-19 stopped the world in its tracks this year, the student teams competing in the Project Arrow Design Competition did not skip a beat. Working diligently through a pandemic to design Canada’s first, original, full-build, zero-emission concept vehicle is no simple task! Join Ralph Gilles, Head of Design, FCA and Colin Dhillon, CTO, APMA, as they discuss the months-long design process and implementation with the winning team from Carleton University.

Visit projectarrow.ca to see the complete design.

While Canada is known for its battery technology, it’s not known for making them. Often cited as one of the weaknesses in North American ZEV manufacturing, the vast majority of modern battery manufacturing is done in Asia. Moderated by Michael Hainsworth, three battery manufacturers with deep roots in Canada – E-One Molli Energy, Microgreen Solar and Blue Solutions, the leading global manufacturer of solid-state batteries for automotive applications – discuss what it will take to build a domestic battery supply chain.

Most of the raw materials used for battery development are found and refined overseas, but a sustainable solution may be closer than we think. Investing in Mining explores the capability and capacity within Canada, connecting resource extraction to final assembly. Moderated by Warren Ali, Sr. VP of Innovation, the panel brings together perspectives from Invest-Quebec, EDC, and Sayona Mining to explore the impact of a Quebec-to-Ontario domestic supply chain for Lithium-Ion batteries.

As the car evolves from traditional combustion engines toward software-laden ZEVs, ambitious OEMs are emerging in the global automotive market. Canada is very good at building technology start-ups and has a 100+ year legacy of manufacturing world class vehicles, yet, there has never been a successful Canadian OEM. Michael Hainsworth sits down with three CEOs from aspiring OEMs looking to change the Canadian Automotive game forever.

Innovation and sustainability are driving disruption in the automotive industry at an unprecedented and ever-quickening pace, but what trajectories are Canada’s top investors charting? Michael Hainsworth sits down with Michael Denham, President, and CEO of Business Development Canada Bank of Canada, and Soroush Nazarpour, CEO of Montreal-based NanoXplore, to explore where technology is going and why we are investing in the age of Zero Emission Vehicles.

Under the backdrop of COVID-19 and a holistic transition towards CASE (Connected, Autonomous, Shared, and Electric), the technology ecosystem surrounding automotive manufacturing innovation is more consequential than ever. Warren Ali, Sr. VP of Innovation, APMA, is joined by speakers from Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada, AvidBots, and Next47, Siemens’ venture capital arm, to explore how corporate innovation has driven digitization in the manufacturing environment.

Microsoft is investing heavily in industrial-strength digital platforms and infrastructure for manufacturers. This panel brings together perspectives from the senior leadership of three leading Canadian digital technology firms who support the automotive industry: Majik Systems, Digital Task, and Adastra.

In the vast sea of data collected through manufacturing operations, it’s hard to know how to get started with leveraging this information to improve your bottom line. Moderated by Warren Ali, Sr. VP of Innovation, APMA, Data Science in Automotive Manufacturing breaks down opportunities, challenges, and correct processes for implementing Data Science & AI to help solve your manufacturing problems. Featured panelists are from Linamar Corporation, Microsoft Canada, and SEED AI.

The boundaries of the automotive industry do not end with the vehicle. The future of mobility will harness the technologies, products and services from a broad base to provide value-add for end-users, industry and communities alike. Group 3737 is a Montreal-based startup incubator focused on diversity, equity and inclusion. Led by Co-Founder, Frantz Saintellemy and CEO, Louis-Edgar Jean-François, this panel brings together bold tech-oriented startup initiatives from the Groupe 3737 network.

Based in the Windsor-Detroit channel, this panel explores the opportunities that blossom from bi-national partnerships and investments. Listen to mobility experts from Canada and the U.S. discuss the importance of their cross-border relationships.

Powered by The Consulate General of the United States, Windsor-Essex Economic Development Corporation, and WEtech Alliance.

Demographics drive industry, and by the year 2060, approximately 5 billion people will be aging or disabled. Biometric hardware, software, and sensory technologies have found their way into mobility, shaping new paths for collaboration between the medical and automotive industries. Moderated by Colin Dhillon, CTO, APMA, this panel explores the work and potential at the intersection of these sectors and what is next on the road to The Vehicle as a Caregiver.

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