The City of Windsor sought and was granted leave to intervene in support of the Motion. Following oral submissions by the Plaintiff and the City, Chief Justice Morawetz of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice adjourned the hearing of the Motion for an interim injunction until 12 noon on Friday, February 11, 2022. In order to ensure that the matter comes to the attention of the Defendants to the motion, the Court directed that the following process be followed:

1. A URL be identified whereby the endorsement and the Motion materials can be downloaded; and  

2. That the Plaintiff and the City of Windsor shall issue a press release with the link and the hearing details.   In accordance with the endorsement of Chief Justice Morawetz:

The link to view and download the endorsement and Motion materials is found:… The hearing may be viewed, commencing at 12 noon on Friday, February 11, 2002, at:…

Outside legal counsel representing any party or proposed intervener may contact the lawyers of record for the Plaintiff as set out in the Motion material for further information.

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