Joe O’Connor, The Financial Post
February 24, 2021

Anthony Di Iorio, co-founder of Ethereum, is plotting a way out of cryptocurrency to tackle a project he hopes will help change the world for the better. This profile, in addition to outlining his impactful work, also includes his involvement in APMA’s Project Arrow with Flavio Volpe. See feature below.

“Some of the things Di Iorio is involved in helping to tackle now that aren’t top secret include executing on a zero-emissions car with his old high school buddy, Flavio Volpe.

Volpe is president of the Automotive Parts Manufacturers’ Association (APMA), representing the majority of the independent Canadian auto-parts makers. The two met 30 years ago at St. Michael’s College School in Toronto.

“Everybody knew Anthony, not because he was the captain of the football team, but because he was a good guy and very well-liked,” he said.

The APMA is behind Project Arrow, a well-funded push to build a zero-emissions car using Canadian-made parts, technology and engineering know-how. The concept vehicle is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2022, and it came up when Volpe and Di Iorio were recently talking, as old friends do.

Di Iorio, the non-car guy, started throwing out ideas that, to the car guy, made a lot of sense in terms of how to best showcase the Arrow virtually, while cyber-safeguarding its interior software and other assorted bits and bobs.

The macro-thinking behind the car is to hook Canadians on the idea, and maybe hook an entrepreneur on the idea of building it here, not simply as a one-off project but potentially as Canada’s car going forward, a Tesla north.

“Anthony really is a team Canada guy,” said Volpe, who invited his friend to join the project. “Bringing his kind of thinking into what is just traditionally a concept car is part of what we want to achieve with this project, and that is to do things differently.”

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