Dave Waddell, Windsor Star
January 27, 2021

Automotive industry observers said the Buy American policy announced by President Joe Biden this week will present some challenges but won’t cripple Southern Ontario’s supply chain.

Automotive Parts Manufacturers president Flavio Volpe feels the Americans focus of the policy is more on the Chinese, particularly in the area of steel, and other low-cost producing countries.

“I expect the Canada-U.S. partnership to carry the day,” said Volpe, who was involved in the USMCA negotiations.

“I’m not too worried about it.”

Volpe added concerns over whether General Motors might have second thoughts on whether its new EV600 electric vans might be excluded by a Buy American policy are unfounded.

“GM knew exactly what was coming,” Volpe said. “They still placed a $1-billion bet on Ingersoll. They see Canada as a partner not a target.”

Volpe said the feedback he’s received from his Ottawa contacts was the conversation Biden had last week with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on the topic was quite amicable.

He believes the USMCA will also be relied on as a reference for content regulations.

“The president’s executive order was only a page and half,” Volpe said. “It will rely on other documents and legislation for definition.

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