Automotive News Europe
January 6, 2021

LeddarTech, the Quebec-based tech company specializing in advanced driver-assistance systems, has named veteran auto executive Carl-Peter Forster to its board of directors.

“Carl-Peter brings with him a wealth of industry experience as a leader with some of the world’s largest automotive companies,” LeddarTech Chairman Michel Brûlé said in a statement. “Carl-Peter’s extensive experience in the automotive industry as well as in ADAS and AD technology companies will be a tremendous asset to LeddarTech.”

Forster has spent about four decades in the auto industry, beginning his career in 1986 with BMW where he rose to head manufacturing before leaving the company in 2000.

The following year he joined Tata Motors as Group CEO, where he took responsibility for the Jaguar and Land Rover brands.

LeddarTech began in 2007 as a lidar company and has grown to become a key supplier of optics, electronics and software to Tier 1 and 2 suppliers.

“Everything that you and I think is cool in vehicles, LeddarTech does it,” Automotive Parts Manufacturers’ Association President Flavio Volpe recently told Automotive News Canada.

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