Melanie Borrelli, CTV Windsor News
September 15, 2020


An automotive cybersecurity company has announced its decision to move its headquarters to Windsor-Essex.

Vehiqilla Inc. is expected to launch a phased approach to hiring, beginning with a business development specialist, six researchers, five security analysts and assorted senior technical staff.

Company officials say the rationale behind their decision to move to Windsor-Essex was based on many factors including the vibrant automotive and logistics sector in the region, the access to untapped tech talent from the University of Windsor and St. Clair College and the strong ecosystem that exists in the Windsor-Essex region.

“Vehiqilla Inc. was founded to meet the cybersecurity challenges of today’s and tomorrow’s Connected & Autonomous Vehicles,” said CEO AJ Khan. “This transformation in mobility is changing the cyber threat landscape and there is a need to re-assess the Risk Impact of Cyber to the Connected and Autonomous Vehicles.”

Khan said Vehiqilla aims to address all areas of this changing threat landscape, including In-Vehicle Security, V2X Security, Cybersecurity of the Supply Chain and Fleet Cybersecurity.

Another essential decision factor for selecting Windsor-Essex is the free access to Canada’s largest, publicly accessible, Virtual Reality CAVE. This CAVE access will enable Vehiqilla Inc. to continue to advance its competitive strengths in automotive cybersecurity.

Vehiqilla is currently working with St. Clair College on Automotive Cybersecurity training through the platform offered by Automotive Parts Manufacturers’ Association’s Institute for Cybersecurity (AMPAIAC).

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