Cycle Time Management – CTM

The APMA proudly announces its inaugural candidate for APMA’s advanced business development membership – Cycle Time Management (CTM). CTM specialises in Lean manufacturing implementation best practices and Lean Belt certification programs.

Lean production has been around since the 1980s. However, proper and complete implementation still proves challenging for many companies – with more than half of companies not realising full potential returns. There is a need to revisit the Lean implementation processes at senior management levels, especially in Small to Medium Sized enterprises (SME).


CTM’s Knowledge Center has developed an innovative Lean Thinking, self-directed E-Learning course and kit for SME business owners and senior managers. The goal is to guide them to become capable of effectively creating a Lean implementation strategy with supportive tools to assist them in leading their company.


If you wish to pursue Lean Thinking in your company or to gain a better understanding of it, give CTM’s SME Lean Thinking Certification E-Learning course for business owners and senior managers a try.   With CTM’s 30+ years of Lean implementation, its Knowledge Center developed this quick and very cost-effective program for senior executives to help them better understand how to lead a Lean company transformation .

Take the course for a test drive with this Demo which includes an introduction and part of chapter 1 of the course.

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