Janyce McGregor, Alexander Panetta, CBC News
June 24, 2020

If the Trump administration buys the argument that Canadian aluminum exports have surged and slaps a 10 per cent tariff back on products imported from Canada, the move could end up hurting Americans instead, warns the head of the association representing Canada’s aluminum producers.

Flavio Volpe, president of Canada’s Automotive Parts Manufacturers Association, said this apparent hustle to slap tariffs back on before the USMCA takes effect (as early as Friday, according to a report earlier this week from Bloomberg News) is further evidence that “an unprincipled extortion syndicate is in charge of U.S. trade policy.”

“The biggest gangsters wear the cleanest suits,” he said. “Has anyone seen this kind of behaviour by trading partners in the history of the post-industrial world?”

“These bandits would tax their own military to buy the votes of morons in an election year,” Volpe said, referring to the wide use of Canadian aluminum in U.S. defence procurement.

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