Toronto, ON.

Today, the Automotive Parts Manufacturers’ Association revealed the 3 Finalists for the much-anticipated Project Arrow Design Competition. A diverse group of jurists includes global leaders in automotive design, some of Canada’s most respected automotive champions, alternative propulsion advocates and influential cultural creators selected the following submissions:

Project Arrow is the APMA’s response to the Prime Minister’s call to action for a net-zero emission economy by 2050. Envisioned as an all-Canadian, zero-emissions, lightweight, concept vehicle to debut in 2022, it was revealed at CES2020 in Las Vegas and will serve as a premier showcase of Canada’s automotive technology cluster.

On May 8, 2020, the public design competition deadline closed with 9 formal submissions receiving approval to move forward to the Finalist Selection stage. The Project Arrow Design Judging Panel was tasked with reviewing the submissions and selecting 3 Finalists. The Finalists will now to move forward to Phase 2, Engineering, targeted for September 1, 2020.

The Project Arrow finalists are, clockwise from the top, Team Archer, Team Sea-to-Sky Electric’s E-Nova and Team Traction.


“Project Arrow serves as a call to action to Canadian automotive parts manufacturers to design and develop the next generation of transportation for their country. I am honored to be part of their judging panel and will be reviewing from both a creative and analytical thought process.”

Ralph Gilles, Head of Design, FCA

“Bringing the human-centered design approach to the forefront of the automotive industry. This is a great opportunity for Canada to set an example for what the future of mobility and accessibility look like on the world stage.” Team Traction, Kaj Hallgrimsson, Jun-Won Kim, Mina Morcos and Matthew Schuetz

“I’m super excited to be a finalist for Project Arrow representing Team Archer. And yes, I absolutely came up with the name Archer because the competition is called Project Arrow.” – Team Archer, Stephen Bykowy

“Project Arrow Phase One was really intense, there were so many different dimensions to the project, we learned so much! Designing a car entirely remotely challenged our idea of what is possible.” – Team Sea-to-Sky Electric, Marie-Pier Alary and Bailee van Rikxoort

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