Canada is faced with a short term shortage of N95 masks in the fight against COVID-19

Do you have an Autoclave? YOU CAN HELP IMMEDIATELY.

The University of Manitoba working Canada’s National Microbiology Lab have released a study that says autoclaving can extend the reusability of many N95 masks for frontline workers.


All decontamination methods resulted in preserved structural and functional integrity of masks for at least one cycle of treatment (Table 2). The 3M Vflex 1804 models exhibited some mild bleeding of the ink label but there was no impact on function. Autoclaving resulted in functional failure of the 3M 1860 model after the first cycle but the other masks (all pleated), retained integrity through 10 cycles, the highest number tested. All masks treated with EtO retained integrity though 3 cycles (maximum tested) for all masks. iHP fogged masks failed testing beyond the first cycle while VHP treatment maintained mask integrity throughout to 10 cycles (maximum tested). Autoclave and VHP testing beyond the currently assessed maximum cycle number is ongoing.”

This is an acute need and an urgent matter. If you can help, please email with the following:

  1. Model Name and Number
  2. Class Level (ie B)
  3. Location
  4. Your contact information

We will respond within 24 hours.

Thank you,

Flavio Volpe
Automotive Parts Manufacturers’ Association

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