APMA’s Call to Membership & Industry for Masks and Respirators

The APMA is calling on its membership and the industry at large to participate in the One Million Mask Challenge.

We need your help to bring industry together to collect 1 million masks for frontline workers. These masks will be available for direct distribution to public institutions and organizations operating on the frontlines: hospitals, clinics, shelters (homeless, women’s, youth). We’re calling on our network, and the entire #TeamCanada industrial community to support this effort.

How to participate?
Step 1: Take stock of your supply of masks and respirators.
Step 2: Commit your supply of masks and respirators to the One Million Mask Challenge by FILLING OUT THIS FORM.
Step 3: Standby for instructions on where to deliver your stock of masks and respirators.

If you are a Frontline Institution or Organization
Please fill out the form MASK REQUEST FOR FRONTLINE INSTITUTION OR ORGANIZATION [1].  APMA will contact you directly.

[1] The APMA will contact each organization for their specific need, however we do not guarantee any specific quantity of masks to any specific institution or organization.


Flavio Volpe,
President, APMA

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