The AVIN/APMA Connected and Autonomous Vehicle (C/AV) Demonstration Zone (DZ), based in the City of Stratford, promotes a customer-centered and demand-driven approach to the commercialization of innovation in Ontario and provides Ontario-based companies with a competitive development option. These activities will also strengthen Canada as a region for foreign investment opportunities. The DZ will be the hub for the Provinces C/AV companies to demonstrate their commercially ready technologies, products, and services to OEMs and Tier 1s from around the world.

The DZ is part of the Province’s $80-million Autonomous Vehicle Innovation Network (AVIN) initiative, managed by the Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE). The APMA will receive $5 million in funding, matched by an additional $5 million from industry partners. $30 million will be provided to support six (6) Regional Technology Development Sites (RTDSs), each focused on specific elements of C/AV development. $30 million for R&D partnership funds, $5 million for a talent development program, and $10 million to coordinate the various activities across AVIN.

The AVIN/APMA DZ will feature a rolling fleet of 20 vehicles: 10 passenger vehicles sourced from the five OEMs in Ontario, and 10 fleet vehicles from the City of Stratford, including municipal buses and utility trucks. APMA’s experienced team (with support from its members, which have an established track record of working with OEMs and large customers, like the Tier 1s), will work with tech companies to ensure that their technology is ready for commercial demonstration. This includes ensuring that the company has the financial resources in place to undertake the demonstration work, and that the company and its people are prepared to move forward.

DZ Objectives:

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